Jellyfish Health aims to take the friction out of healthcare for patients and care facilities alike. That’s why we believe in providing healthcare providers with insider knowledge and the tools they need to leverage our platform for increased patient satisfaction, better loyalty and brand-building results. Jellyfish Health’s webinars give you access to the experience, insight and innovation of our core leadership team at the click of a button.

NEW! How to Apply the Amazon Experience to Healthcare

FREE Live Webinar: February 28th 2:00pm CST

Join our chief sales officer, Mike McGuire, as we discuss innovative brand equity in healthcare.

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ASC Webinar

 How to Manage Uncertainty in the Waiting Room

Interactive Webinar: January 24th 2:00pm CST

See how our bundled solution helps simplify communication with patients and families.

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How to Stand out in the Competitive Urgent Care Market

Webinar: January 31st 2:00pm CST

Learn how to stay competitive and grow your business

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