Written by: Mike McGuire | LinkedIn

We started with a traditional medical model, “what is the disease and how do I fix it” and transitioned to a patient centered model, “what is my patient’s unique illness and how do I help them.” The future may hold a model based on the ecosystem, “why is this patient here and how can I prevent others from having the same illness.” We believe an ecosystem model will be based on the local community. The ecosystem will need  be built from the ground by encouraging local physicians and communities to grow together.

The rules and regulations physicians have to abide by are taking tremendous amounts of time away from what their focus needs to be, their patients. For example, This year some 20,000 pages of rules will be enacted as law for the medical community. Between the Stark Law and The Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015(MACRA), physicians are struggling to keep up. Following those two acts, which cover 300 pages of rules is an additional 1000 pages on how CMS will implement MACRA. Something is wrong when doctors spend more time on regulatory compliance than treating patients.

The government should create an opportunity to connect with the private sector and begin to craft a scenario that puts physicians to work where they are needed, helping patients. By reimagining our approach to health  care, streamlining regulatory requirements, and improving intellectual property laws, we can create an efficient and beneficial model that returns American medicine to a global leader in healthcare.  

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