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“When we talk about Big Data, we often focus on the tracking and mining of vast mountains of static results, but the dynamic interaction among complex agents in real time ultimately will be more valuable. It is this later form of Big Data, because it duplicates nature itself, that has the greatest potential for revolutionary change.” This is a quote of Esther Dyson from her article called “Pulse of the Planet” which I find portends our direction at Jellyfish Health.

The healthcare of the future will have to become real time in every aspect of the delivery. The healthcare of the future will absolutely be patient centered not physician centered. The healthcare of the future will be built around consumers gravitating to a brand that represents the way they want to receive that care. That brand will be built around convenience, respect for that patients time/money, and the best outcomes for the lowest price.

The Big Data revolution that will transform healthcare will start by transforming how we demand services. We will go from a mass production/mass customization model to a mass specialization model. Every product, every service, will be offered to us in exactly the way we need it, not how care delivery wants to deliver it. Of course our current delivery model, for the most part, does not reflect this impending reality.

I found a great definition of “specialization” in the Business Dictionary. Specialization is an agreement within a community, group, or organization under which members most suited (by virtue of their natural aptitude, location, skill, or other qualification) for a specific activity or task assume greater responsibility for its execution or performance. Regina Herzlinger’s book call “Consumer Driven Healthcare”, presents this definition with how Care Delivery needs to reorganize itself.

That aside, you can’t have specialization without direct contact with the recipient in order to understand their preferences. Consumer preferences directly intersects with Care Delivery’s ability too not only specialize the treatment/outcome, but how that consumer wants to be communicated with. To not recognize the human component wastes the effort to gain knowledge through data gained by previous encounters.

Think “Amazon” in healthcare!!! If you shop on Amazon, they remember and try to make your next visit even easier. That’s where Jellyfish Health comes in….

The brand equity Amazon creates is directly related to ease of use through technology. When you make things easier for a consumer, they reward you with their loyalty. When you can provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, with a good outcome, they will come back.

Jellyfish’s Brand Equity Platform exists to help Care Delivery move to this brave new world. The movement to this new world will happen much faster than the industry expects. The reason is that the technology to transform your organization will be cloud driven and much easier to deploy than the legacy systems out there today. One word of caution. When evaluating this new technology, make sure the company, and the design are built around what should be happening to the consumer as opposed to what could be happening. While subtle, building around the consumer is where the world is headed.

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