Optimize Patient Scheduling

Through our mobile and online technology automate patient throughput with a configurable workflow specific to your facility. Communicate estimated wait-times, real-time updates and changes in appointment status. Patients can complete processes like get-in-line, check-in and appointment blocking. Prepare your patients for their appointment with reminders, forms and directions to your facility.


• Faster patient processing
• Real-time analytic reports
• Configurable workflow
• Management of patient volumes
• Reduce disruptions, anxiety and frustration
• Eliminate unacceptable wait times, backlogs and bottlenecks
• End unacceptable wait times

Waiting Sucks

Our proprietary algorithms calculate wait times, allowing for faster patient processing and maximum efficiency. Patients are empowered and engaged through self-scheduling. When patients are in control of their experience, they can make anywhere the waiting room. With movement to consumer competition, your patients have options. Let Jellyfish Health position you for success in the new era of consumer-driven care.




ENGAGED before, during and

after the appointment?

Case Study

As within any industry, you can give a good product but if you don’t have good customer service, your customers aren’t going to have a positive experience. Jellyfish has given us a very positive customer service experience that just adds to the positive products we offer.
-Mike Madewell, Business Administrator, Panama City Surgery Center

68% Reduction

in overall
registration time

Cut In Half

50% reduction in door
to registration time

28% Increase

in completed patient
satisfaction surveys

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