Connecting To The Consumer

Our consumer facing web and mobile application is your patient’s itinerary management service. Patients can now schedule their appointment, check-in remotely, complete smart forms and provide real-time feedback through their mobile device. Communicate with your patients estimated wait time updates, changes in appointment status, confirmations/reminders and more. From the waiting room to the coffee shop and anywhere in between – your patients are in control of where they wait.

Put The Patient
In Control

• Self-schedule
• Complete smart forms
• View estimated wait times
• Get-in-line and check-in remotely
• View maps and directions
• Provide real-time feedback
• Secure messages

Who Benefits?

Automated communication between staff and patients means less workflow interruptions. Enable your staff to reduce the number of patients that leave without being seen. Receive real-time feedback on your patient’s experience and become proactive in improving the patient experience. Reserving a place in line through your mobile device is now a staple at popular restaurants – Jellyfish Health brings the same concept to healthcare, making anywhere the waiting room!

NOW what do you do

with this DATA?

Case Study

After 20 years in this business, I can tell you, that happy patients heal faster.
-Mike Madewell, Business Administrator, Panama City Surgery Center

68% Reduction

in overall
registration time

Cut In Half

50% reduction in door
to registration time

28% Increase

in completed patient
satisfaction surveys

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