Adaptable Analytics

Proactively leverage actionable data with this cloud-based, deep analytics application. This technology offers a multitude of sophisticated data processing techniques which yields real-time data from large, multi-source data sets that can be used to manage risks, improve performance and outcomes, reduce costs, and govern processes. Deep analytics enable leading healthcare and provider organizations to continually improve their bottom line and track quality measure performance for CAHPS, MIPS and MACRA through real-time data and prospective reports.


• Real-time data and reporting
• Identify costly bottlenecks
• Determine no-show and cancellation rates
• View trending data
• Instantly manage length of stay
(LOS) performance
• Metrics connected to benchmark
times and dependent factors

Take a Deep Dive into Real-Time Analytics

Our patient experience technology leverages actionable data to deliver a new level of transparency at each step of the patient care journey. Real-time analytics and prospective reports position you to optimize patient scheduling, wait time updates, appointment status notifications and overall patient volume and staff workflow efficiencies. Gain the solutions needed to optimize the patient experience. Let Jellyfish Health deliver exceptional patient experience in your facility today!


Case Study

As within any industry, you can give a good product but if you don’t have good customer service, your customers aren’t going to have a positive experience. Jellyfish has given us a very positive customer service experience that just adds to the positive products we offer.
-Mike Madewell, Business Administrator, Panama City Surgery Center

68% Reduction

in overall
registration time

Cut In Half

50% reduction in door
to registration time

28% Increase

in completed patient
satisfaction surveys

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