The Tailored Path To Wellness

Jellyfish Health gives you the flexibility to build and manage your employer wellness, occupational wellness and healthcare event planning all in a convenient scale-able tool. Whether your programs are just for individuals or you want to offer affiliate/caregiver participation, we support scenarios either through a convenient mobile app or through your personalized tailored portal. Jellyfish health has the solution to enable your participants to achieve their personal health goals.


Patients can self-schedule
and manage appointment
by location


Automate patient throughput
with a configurable workflow
specific to your facility


Wait time updates and
appointment status


Real-time data and
analytics proactively
improve patient satisfaction

Wellness Scheduled

• Self-scheduling and registration
• Personalized selection of appointments
• Interactive forms
• Receive messages for reminders, changes, wait listing and delays
• Feedback through integrated survey
• View program adoption rates

Plan And Manage Tailored Campaigns From A Single Console

Manage your programs and campaigns in real time with our interactive dashboard, participant level reporting and success trending data. Feel confident that your population will engage with the ability to set messaging preferences such as confirmations via text or through an app, reminders, cancellations, or marketing/promotion based messaging. All automated, all included. Never miss a point! Online forms and documents available at the appointment or class level and have no limits.

Case Study

As within any industry, you can give a good product but if you don’t have good customer service, your customers aren’t going to have a positive experience. Jellyfish has given us a very positive customer service experience that just adds to the positive products we offer.
-Mike Madewell, Business Administrator, Panama City Surgery Center

68% Reduction

in overall
registration time

Cut In Half

50% reduction in door
to registration time

28% Increase

in completed patient
satisfaction surveys

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