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Managing waiting times in a health system can be challenging. It’s more than a patient sitting in the waiting room – with many stops throughout your system they end up waiting on lab results, prescription pick-ups and even scheduling an appointment. Do all these places in your facility have the same experience? Jellyfish Health is the only solution that can help deliver a consistent positive patient experience, enterprise-wide.


Schedule & manage
appointments by location
and provider


Automate patient throughput with a configurable workflow specific to your practice patterns


Wait time updates
and appointment
status notifications


Real-time data and
analytics proactively
improve patient satisfaction

Improve Patient Throughput

• Configurable workflow
• Patients can same day self-schedule
• Communicate estimated wait-times, real-time updates and changes in appointment status
• Automate check-in process and forms completions
• Reduce disruptions to staff
• Management of patient volumes
• Eliminate unacceptable wait times, backlogs and bottlenecks

What Makes Us Different

Jellyfish Health is configurable to your workflow and business needs. No more pre-designed patterns — our solution can accommodate diverse work flows for total optimization of your health system business model. Unlike other products that just tell you where the problems exist, we show you how to fix and improve those problems. Proactively identify issues and enable your facility to provide a positive patient experience every time. We also play well with others, so integration with your existing systems is not only free, but a piece of cake! Secure cloud-based technology allows for painless implementation. Let Jellyfish Health position your health system for success in the new era of consumer-driven care.

Case Study

Don’t underestimate how important it is to manage your patient throughput.
-Robb Wilburn, Director of Patient Registration at Sarasota Memorial Health Care System.

90% Reduction

of wait times

Steady increase

in patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores


change in mood in the registration lobby

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