Surgery Center


Family members and care givers are often left in the lobby waiting and wondering on the progress of when they can take their loved one home. Our patient experience technology drives transparency at every step of the patient journey, keeping family members and loved ones informed. Family members can now leave the premises and stay updated on the patient’s progress from their mobile phone; an unanimously welcomed new freedom. Jellyfish Health has the solution to communicate accurately and timely with patients and family members at your surgery center.


Staff can schedule
patient’s referral for
their next appointment


Family members track their
loved ones during the
surgical process through
real-time updates


Automate patient
throughput with a
configurable workflow
specific to your surgery center


Real-time data and
analytics proactively
improve patient and
family satisfaction

Automated Communication

• Prepare patients with reminders and directions to your facility
• Notify patients of real-time wait times
• Remind patients with pre-registration forms and instructions
• Patients can remotely check-in
• Waiting room board communicates the where patients are in the surgical process
• Increase return and positive results from surveys
• Real-time analytic reports reveal where backlogs or bottlenecks exist

What makes us different

Jellyfish Health is committed to improving patient and clinician satisfaction, our technology and partnership will enable your ASC to positively impact your bottom lines while reducing the potential for poor OAS CAHPS scores and decrease payer reimbursements. Our solution is configurable to your workflow and business needs. No more pre-designed patterns — our solution can accommodate diverse work flows for total optimization of your ASC business model. Unlike other products that just tell you where the problems exist, we show you how to fix and improve those problems. Proactively identify issues and enable your facility to provide a positive patient and family experience every time. We also play well with others, so integration with your existing systems is not only free, but a piece of cake! In today’s new wave of consumer competition, patients have a choice. Jellyfish Health can help you create an enhanced patient experience – making choosing your ASC an easy one.

Case Study

After 20 years in this business, I can tell you, that happy patients heal faster.
-Mike Madewell, Business Administrator, Panama City Surgery Center

68% Reduction

in overall
registration time

Cut In Half

50% reduction in door
to registration time

28% Increase

in completed patient
satisfaction surveys

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