QueueDX is Now Part of Jellyfish Health

Same Great Technology —
Enhanced Support and Resources

QueueDX (formerly SecurePass) has merged with Jellyfish Health to provide additional resources for our clients, yet without client disruption. This means access to more robust product functionality, faster development cycles and additional support. That said, this combined approach has a very simple focus with one priority, which is to keep clients and their needs first. Our goal remains the same: to elevate the entire patient experience.

Seamless, Efficient, No Wait Care Experiences

QueueDX redefines paperless convenience for patients and practitioners alike.

QueueDX is an easy-to-use platform that simplifies patient check-in using mobile text-based technology while streamlining administrative workflow cycles like transfers within care sessions. QueueDX’s mobile check-in convenience combined with its powerful administrative features make congested waiting areas and extended wait times a thing of the past while improving workflow and productivity. Combine QueueDX with SecurePassDX to offer reliable, medical-grade COVID-19 screening to your patients prior to arrival.

5 Steps To a Seamless Care Experience

  • QueueDX sends your patients a short link (QueueCheck) via text message to check-in for their appointment.
  • QueueCheck directs patients to a mobile form for quick and easy check in. (Patients may also use paperless kiosk in the lobby).
  • QueueCheck confirms patient GPS location. Patients can check in conveniently from parking lot or inside.
  • QueueDisplay, a convenient display on the mobile app and in lobby shows current wait time and notifies readiness.
  • QueueDesk administrative dashboard tracks check-in, manages transfers and tracks wait times and other metrics.



QueueCheck creates paperless, no wait convenience for patients while simplifying workflow and improving productivity for care facilities. Using simple text-based technology patients can check in from mobile phones, check wait time

  • Text-based appointment notifications using short links for easy mobile check-in.
  • Mobile check-in form manages check in details including reason for visit.
  • GPS confirmation allows patients to check-in onsite or from parking lot.
  • Lobby kiosk option for non mobile check-ins.
  • Facial Recognition Biometrics for patient ID authentication.

* Decreased lobby traffic equals reduced contagion transmission risk.

Queue Display


QueueDisplay eliminates the guesswork of wait time for patients using large onsite display monitor and phone app. Hardware supplied.

  • Onsite display shows wait times prominently in lobby or waiting area.
  • Mobile display available on app for parking lot check-ins.
  • GPS confirmation allows patients to check-in onsite or from.

Queue Desk


QueueDesk manages your check in process with maximum efficiency providing valuable reporting and metrics to help you continuously improve your process.

  • Organize and track all check-in details including reason for visit.
  • Notify patients via text when their session is ready to begin.
  • Manage transfers with a few clicks of a mouse.
  • Track average wait times and other valuable performance metrics.


What does this mean? Does the contract change?
Nothing will change with legacy contracts. All terms and conditions remain the same.

Will pricing now change?
As noted above, nothing will change with pricing. All pricing will be honored per existing contract.

Who will continue to provide support?
For now, it will be business as usual for the QueueDX client base with the primary contact for sales, support and implementation remaining with Joe Rohan (Joe.Rohan@jellyfishhealth.com).

For immediate questions, feel free to reach out to Jellyfish Health CEO Dave Dyell (Dave.Dyell@jellyfishhealth.com) or Jellyfish Health EVP Digital Solutions Marc Hirshfield (Marc.Hirshfield@jellyfishhealth.com).

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