Although East Tennessee Children’s Hospital had plans to implement Jellyfish Health, those plans were put on hold while the hospital’s emergency department was undergoing renovations. But COVID-19 made it clear that staff and parents needed Jellyfish immediately.

The Need

Anytime a parent needs to bring their child to the emergency room, there is more than enough stress. Under ordinary circumstances, the hassle of paperwork and wait time is bad enough, but in the time of COVID-19, the concern of contact and exposure to the virus is an added burden at an already bad time. Assistant Nurse Manager Kelly Filyaw expressed empathy for parents, noting that, “They don’t come to get registered and get their insurance information; they want to be taken care of and their child taken care of, first and foremost.”

Filyaw pointed out that COVID-19 has necessitated more changes to the daily routine than might have been anticipated. And because this has lasted more than the few months some initially expected, the changes are now the new normal.

The Solution

A system that saves parents time is a huge plus anytime, but in the time of a pandemic, Jellyfish’s ability to reduce unnecessary contact when bringing your child in for treatment is essential for safety and peace of mind.

With Jellyfish, parents can fill out insurance and other paperwork online before they come in the doors at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital’s Emergency Room or COVID-19 Testing Center. The system is convenient and easy to use. Parents give the nurse their phone number, and they receive a text with a link. When they follow the link, they can upload forms and insurance cards.

While using Jellyfish saves time and reduces contact with people, it also saves personal protective equipment like gloves and masks, which at times have been in short supply world-wide.

The Results

For Shannon Benson, bringing her son Seth to the ER at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital had less stress thanks to the hospital’s Jellyfish virtual registration system.

Benson noted that Jellyfish was convenient and that she and her son didn’t have to wait for paperwork or wait in the lobby. “It was really quick, really painless. It is easier to just sit and do it on your phone.” Benson explained further that her phone’s ability to auto fill forms made the process all the quicker.

Today’s new normal requires new technology. Jellyfish is meeting the needs of the new normal for parents, patients, and hospital staff. “In the spirit of innovation,” Filyaw observed, “it’s going to keep things moving the way that it should.”

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