The Flu and You


One of the many disadvantages of being a senior citizen is being prone to illnesses that younger people never think about. I was reminded of that yesterday at the drug store when the young lady behind the counter thought it important to remind me that flu season was here, and I needed to protect my old self with a shot! A weaker person might have wanted to slink away, but not me.


I’ve come to appreciate the tender mercies that come with getting older, which got me to thinking: wouldn’t it be nice if we did that for everyone during flu season regardless of age?


Consumerism in healthcare demands that all of us be treated as I was by that nice young lady. For many people, the 2017 flu season was the worse we’ve seen in years. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), it resulted in record-breaking hospitalization rates and the highest number of reported pediatric deaths since the 2014-2015 flu season.


2018 – 2019 Flu Season


While it’s impossible to predict what the upcoming 2018-2019 flu season will be like, the Food and Drug Administration has included both Influenza A strains in this year’s vaccine as well as two additional Influenza B strains.


Jellyfish Health’s urgent care/primary care customers are uniquely positioned to meet this flu challenge. These customers can proactively send either text or email reminders to their consumers. They can also use the same mechanisms to send information about the strains of flu they’re seeing in patients.


Consumers positively respond to information and data that is targeted specifically to them, about them. That level of personalized attention is what ultimately builds the “brand equity” of the sending organization. You are more inclined to do business with those organizations that go out of their way to help you improve your health and life.


How big is this issue? According to the CDC, pregnant women, children from six months to four years, and people aged 50 years and older are all vulnerable to the flu.


For those of you not currently associated with Jellyfish Health, we encourage you to call us so that we can help your organization address the flu season. We hope to publish statistics from our customers on their improved response to this growing problem.