Maximize Your Potential

Increase Revenue

A superior patient experience attracts and retains more patients. With an increase in volume and the tools necessary to handle more patients, Jellyfish Health practically pays for itself.

Patient Satisfaction

Reduce wait times, anxiety and frustration. Patients are empowered and engage through self-scheduling. When patients are in control of their experience, they can make anywhere the waiting room.

Optimize Resources

Real-time analytic reports reveal where backlogs or bottlenecks exist – allowing dynamic improvement changes to happen on the spot – optimizing the patient experience.

Reduce Wait Times

Our proprietary algorithms calculate wait times, allowing for faster patient processing and maximum efficiency


Our technology drives transparency at every step of the patient journey.  Effectively communicate with patients before, during and after their appointment.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s new wave of consumer competition, patients have a choice. Enhanced patient experience makes choosing your facility an easy one.

Schedule Administration

Allow staff to schedule appointments, run campaigns and customize online patient forms. Real-time views of program adoption rates, no-shows and cancellations make your facility proactive in creating a positive patient experience.

Patient Throughput

What makes us different – our solution can accommodate diverse work flows in any type of facility. No more pre-designed patterns, create a configurable workflow that is all your own.


Unlike other products that just tell you where the problems exist, we show you how to fix and improve those problems. Proactively identify issues and enable your facility to provide a positive patience experience every time.

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