We believe the core success of a healthcare enterprise is driven by patients and their experiences. Jellyfish Health changes the patient experience journey before, during and after the patient visit, to help meet the goal of creating brand equity and loyal patients.

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The ability to access, analyze and derive meaningful insights from the wealth of information available across the healthcare ecosystem will no longer be ‘nice to have’ but will become a necessity to promote health, increase efficiency and lower cost.

Succeeding in an omnichannel world requires healthcare systems to provide a connected patient experience across the entire patient journey. The key to a successful partnership is to seamlessly incorporate the ecosystem solutions as quickly and easily as possible–this is the essence of effective, progressive patient experience management.

At Jellyfish, we provide a secure ecosystem of digital technologies that allows providers to establish objective measures to lower costs, improve outcomes and increase access to care and information.



When you make things easier for a consumer, provide a high quality product at a reasonable price, with a guaranteed outcome, customers reward you with their loyalty.

Just as online shopping companies have created a great buying experience, likewise, Jellyfish provides your patients with easy access to care, a better overall experience, and GUARANTEE they will not waste time in your waiting room.

If they can guarantee 2-day shipping, you can guarantee a 30 minute office visit.



Jellyfish will evaluate current processes and tools in use, interview and survey patients, providers and staff. Once we have identified the challenges experienced by the facility, we measure and analyze the root cause. With these results we design and configure processes, tools and solutions to help your organization resolve these challenges. Next, we test the changes, train your staff and roll out your new solutions. In order to meet and exceed the goals set for the organization, we then verify and optimize the solutions implemented.

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