A Patient Experience That Keeps Up With the ER’s Fast Pace

Emotions are high in the ER. Give your patients one less thing to worry about: a digital experience that saves time and frustration.

The Problem with Healthcare

Healthcare is Not Consumer Friendly

Patients expect the same consumer friendly experiences they get outside their healthcare journey.

97% of Americans Text Daily

The largest group of consumers in today’s market want to be reminded with text messages, but only get them from 30% of the businesses they patronize.*

No Visibility of Patient Experience in Real-Time

Getting patient feedback when it’s too late to build upon and improve quality initiatives

Staff Frustrated & Uninformed

Valuable time is wasted on staff giving updates on place in line and wait times

Get In Line

Let Us Know You’re On The Way

Looking for a competitive edge to stand out in the urgent care market? Our widgets let patients view estimated wait times and get-in-line directly on your website.


Positively Impact Your Bottom Line

View real-time data. Basic reporting helps guide overall operational effectiveness and manage LOS performance.


Just Text me What to Do

Talk to your patients and manage expectations. Tell them where, when and what to do before they arrive. Make anywhere the waiting room by automating status updates.

Patient Progress Board

Am I Next?

Show patients their place in line on a waiting room board. Automated communication between staff and patients means less workflow interruptions and reduced number of patients that leave without being seen.

Self-Service Check-In

Clipboards are a Thing of the Past

Modernize patient registration with a touch of a button. Our consumer-friendly kiosk makes it easy for patients to check-in on their own. This also frees up time for more valuable activities for your staff.


To the Waiting Room… and Beyond!

Are you missing important insight by only looking at check-in and check-out data? Know the whole story. Increase efficiency by tracking the patient’s entire visit with a configurable workflow.

Want to See Our Solution for Your Health System in Action?

Why Jellyfish Health?

Improve the Full Experience, Not Just Parts of It

No other solution addresses as many touchpoints in the patient journey.

Plays Well with Others

Existing IT systems? No problem. Our solutions are integration friendly and highly supported.

Loved by Both Sides

Developed by healthcare professionals, our solutions honor patient and clinician needs.