By Mike McGuire. A 35-year industry veteran, Mike is passionate about following changes in the world of healthcare.

The Flu and You

While it’s impossible to predict what the upcoming 2018-2019 flu season will be like, the Food and Drug Administration has included both Influenza A strains in this year’s vaccine as well as two additional Influenza B strains. Jellyfish Health’s urgent care/primary care customers are uniquely positioned to meet this flu challenge. These customers can proactively send either text or email reminders to their consumers. They can also use the same mechanisms to send information about the strains of flu they’re seeing in patients.

5G and Me

Currently, 4G can connect up to 2,000 devices per square kilometer, while 5G could support up to one million devices in the same area. WOW! What does this all mean for those of us in the healthcare industry?

Light My FHIR!

I’m sure Jim Morrison is turning over in his grave as I’ve pirated the title of his greatest hit to write this blog! The FHIR I’m referring to is a fast emerging technology that if adopted can and will lead to better interoperability in healthcare. Early in my career, I was part of the company that built the Cloverleaf Interface Engine. Cloverleaf is installed in 72% of the hospitals above 100 beds in the US. The goal of the product was to help disparate systems communicate with each other using HL7, which was the standard at that time.

The Deep State of Healthcare

Deep state was defined in 2014 by Mike Lofgren, a former Republican U.S. congressional aide, as “a hybrid association of elements of government and parts of top-level finance and industry that is effectively able to govern the United States without reference to the...

The Uncertainty Room

Connect with the author: Mike McGuire | LinkedIn I read an article recently about a study conducted around strategies for managing uncertainties in a surgical waiting room. It got me thinking about how much uncertainty exists in every waiting room in a clinical...

The Future of Healthcare

Connect with the author: Mike McGuire | LinkedIn “When we talk about Big Data, we often focus on the tracking and mining of vast mountains of static results, but the dynamic interaction among complex agents in real time ultimately will be more valuable. It is this...

Building Brand Equity in Healthcare

Connect with the author: Mike McGuire | LinkedIn While the company name “Jellyfish Health” certainly has given us a unique visual persona and has made our Jellyfish give away a must have for both kids and adults, the question we get asked the most is what do we do...

Patient Experience Becoming Common Focus for Hospitals

With the market shift towards value-based and patient-centered models of care, improving patient experience is an increasingly common focus for hospitals. Good patient experience is an intrinsically valuable goal, and payers are increasingly emphasizing patient experience as part of care quality. Patient experience scores—reflecting factors as diverse as a hospital floor’s noise level throughout the night and how well nurses and doctors communicate with patients—have become key hospital performance measures.

Have you seen The Jellyfish Experience?

Have you seen everything we can do?   Watch our latest animation and see the type of experience Jellyfish Health can provide your patients. Follow Joe's journey, from self-scheduling to filling out rockstar review about his visit, and everything in between....