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Ambulatory Surgery Center

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Self-Service Check-In

Clipboards are a Thing of the Past

Modernize patient registration with the touch of a button. Our consumer-friendly check-in makes it easy for patients to check-in on their own.


To the Waiting Room… and Beyond!

Are you missing important insight by only looking at check-in and check-out data? Know the whole story. Increase efficiency by tracking the patient’s entire visit with a standard 5-point workflow.

Patient Progress Board

Are They Done Yet?

Limit interruptions across your entire facility with four patient progress boards. Family members view patient status on a waiting room monitor. Staff members easily track patient progress with monitors displayed in Pre-OP, OR and PACU.


Just Text Me What to Do

Talk to your patients. Tell them where, when and what to do before their appointment. Inform family members throughout the surgical process and let them know when the patient is ready to be picked up. Bundle includes 10 standard automated text messages.

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