Waiting Sucks.
Reduce wait times. Improve Patient Satisfaction. Increase Revenue.

Maximum potential for your facility, here’s how.

Increase Revenue

A superior patient experience attracts and retains more patients. With an increase in volume and the tools necessary to handle more patients, Jellyfish Health practically pays for itself.

Patient Satisfaction

Reduce Wait Times - reduce anxiety and frustration. When patients are in control of their wait, they can make anywhere the waiting room. Empowered and engaged patients are happy patients.

Optimize Resources

Real-time analytic reports reveal where backlogs or bottlenecks exist – allowing dynamic improvement changes to happen on the spot – optimizing the patient experience.


Reduce Wait Times

Nobody likes to wait! Our proprietary algorithms calculate wait times, allowing for faster patient processing and maximum efficiency. Oh yeah, wait times are the number one complaint among patients.


One of the best ways to remain transparent is to communicate. We provide the tools necessary for you to effectively communicate with your patients.

Competitive Advantage

In today’s patient-driven market, patients have a choice. Shorter wait times and an enhanced patient experience makes that choice an easy one.


Solutions For Your Facility


Keep Patients and

Staff in the loop.

The Jellyfish mobile apps send secure messaging alerts with real-time wait updates and changes in appointment status – all from the convenience of their mobile device.



HIPAA Compliant



Easily Integrated